The two dimensions of the challenges faced by Kerala

1)       While the current problems that the State faces are many, broadly, they can be generalised into two categories:
a)       The decline in performance of public service systems
b)      The breakdown of the finances of the State

Both of these sets of problems mutually reinforce each other.  Over the last several years, in particular, it has only served to distance Government from the common man.  Needless to say, in the process, the poor suffer the most.

6)       The first set of problems includes the public sector operating with little concern for results, an almost complete absence of a service culture, overlap and duplication across levels of government, policies riding on fragmented systems and processes of government.  The deeper malady of a dysfunctional and under-performing Government – a phenomenon accentuated in the last two decades – is more fundamental than the second set of problems but is less debated in Kerala.

7)       The second set of problems include the present unsustainable position of public finances as well as the low growth in the economy coupled with a distinctly ‘disabling environment’ for the private sector.  Even the assets created by Government in the last few decades are languishing on account of poor investment.  However, the fiscal crisis – particularly the fact that the State is living beyond its means – seems to be gaining increasing recognition in Kerala.


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