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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ), of the functioning and of the administration of the department

1.      What is the procedure to obtain a new Ration Card?

a.       Purchase an application form from TSO/DSO office by paying Rs.5

b.      Apply to your TSO office with the filled up form and your old Ration Card.

c.       If you do not belong to the same TSO/CRO then produce the following documents along with the application.

    i.      Residential Certificate
    ii.     Reduction/Surrender certificate/non-inclusion/non-renewal certificate from the TSO from where you belong previously.
    iii.    Income Certificate
    iv.    Declaration

d.       After verification of the above details your  new ration card will be issued  within 15 days.

2.      What is the procedure to obtain a temporary ration card?

a.       Purchase an application form for temporary ration card from the concerned TSO/CRO.

b.      Apply with the filled up application along with following documents.

           i.        Residence Certificate

           ii.       Income Certificate

c.       After verification of the above certificates your new temporary ration card will be issued within 7 days.

3.      What is the procedure to change a ration card from one ARD to another           ARD?

             Same as in Item no.1

4.      How can you get a non-inclusion certificate ?

          Apply to the concerned TSO/CRO in the form specified.



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