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              The main objective of the department is to impart best quality higher education to the eligible students of the State who complete their higher secondary level education. In order to achieve this objective the Department conducts various degree and post graduate level courses in the institutions under the Department, starts new courses, imparts training to Teachers and provide modern infrastructural facilities.
To bring the economically backward students to the higher education sector, the Department frames and implements various schemes of Scholarships and also implements various schemes of Central Sector Scholarships under the guidelines fixed by Government of India. The three reputed Music Academies in the State are already upgraded and affiliated to the Universities and Degree and PG courses are conducted in these institutions for getting maximum quality education to the students in music. RLV College of Music & Fine Arts imparts training for music, fine arts, Kathakali and Mohiniattam, Sculpture and Modelling and it is only one of its kind in Kerala.
The Department now conducts M.Ed. courses at the College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram and Institute of Advanced Studies at Thrissur with the intention to train the required number of Teachers in the training sector over and above the B.Ed. courses and in-service courses conducted in all the three Teacher Education Colleges and IASE, Thrissur. The Physical Education College at Kozhikkode under the Department conducts courses in the Physical Education sector.

About US

Department of Collegiate Education was established in 1957 as an administrative authority of 13 Government Colleges in Kerala. Now there are 39 Arts and Science Colleges, 3 Music Colleges, 4 Training Colleges, 1 Physical Education College and 15 College Hostels under this Department.  With the introduction of direct payment system to the staff of Aided Colleges in the year 1972 the responsibility of implementing this scheme is also vested with this Department. Now the service matters of around 20,000 aided college staff   are being looked into by the Department. The Provident Fund Accounts of Private Aided College Teachers are also kept and maintained by the Department of Collegiate Education. The Department has also an increasingly important role in the developmental activities in the higher education sector utilizing Central and State funds under various schemes and also by the funds provided by the University Grants Commission.


Address, telephone number etc.of important authorities


Minister of Education 


Secretary to Government (Higher Education) 


Director of Collegiate Education 
Tel. No. 0471 2303548


Additional Director
Tel. No. 0471 2304889


Senior Administrative Officer
Tel. No. 0471 2305547


Finance Officer
Tel. No. 0471 2304731


List and address of area wise officers

1. Deputy Director of Collegiate Education, Kollam
2. Deputy Director of Collegiate Education, Kottayam
3. Deputy Director of Collegiate Education, Ernakulam
4. Deputy Director of Collegiate Education, Thrissur
5. Deputy Director of Collegiate Education, Kozhikode



                     The Department has under its control 245 Institutions consisting of 5 Zonal Offices 189 Arts and Science Colleges, 21 Training Colleges, 11 Arabic Colleges, 3 Music Colleges, 1 Physical Education college and 15 college Hostels attached to Government Colleges.  The Organisational set up of the department is shown in the organisation chart appended.


                    The main functions of the Department are to establish and maintain colleges and to arrange for the starting of new courses, appointing teaching staff and support staff for the Government colleges and Hostels, approval of appointment of Non Teaching staff in Private colleges, organise in service courses for the teachers and special coaching to the students belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and to arrange for the construction of college building and staff quarters. Payment of salary to the teaching staff and non-teaching staff of Private Colleges is another important functions of this Department.  This Department maintains the P.F.accounts of Teaching and Non teaching staff.  The sanction of various scholarships for college students is another activity of this Department.

In Detail

                      The Department of Collegiate Education came into existence in the year 1957 with 13 Arts and Science Colleges under its control.  As a result of the introduction of Direct Payment systems the colleges managed by various private agencies were also brought under the control of the department from 1972.  Later the Administrative jurisdiction or the Department has been widened by the inclusion of Music Colleges, Training Colleges, Physical Education College and the students Hostel, attached to the Government Colleges.  The table presented below gives the number of Institutions under the control of the Department.

Educational Agency
Arts & Science Colleges
Training colleges
Arabic college
Music colleges
Physical education Colleges
College Hostel
Zonal Offices
Government 39 4   3 1 15 5 67
Private 150 17 11         178
Total 189 21 11 3 1 15 5 245


The organizational structure of the Department is detailed in the chart given below as Table III (A) and (B).



             The main functions of the Department are to provide facilities for higher Education for the students at Degree and postgraduate level by starting and introducing new courses.  The conduct of courses in Teacher Training, Music and Physical Education Colleges is another important function of the Department.

          The facilities for research leading the M.Phil.are also being provided by the department. Appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff in Government Colleges is also the direct responsibility of the Department.

                  For  the purpose of Direct Payment of salaries to 176 Private Colleges in the state have been divided into 5 zones, Viz. Kollam/Kottayam/Ernakulam/Thrissur and Kozhikode.  The contributions of the private colleges under the 5 zonal offices are detailed in the Table –II.

Chart showing the working of UGC Special Cell in the Directorate of Collegiate Education.         



..General + 60 Private Colleges..........88  Private Colleges......................................................



Organisational Chart


organisation chart

                 Payment of salaries to the staff of the private colleges has become one of the major function of this Department.  Arranging  in-service courses  for the teachers, arranging special coaching classes for the belong to the Scheduled Tribes, conduct of classes for Civil Service Examination in selected colleges, arranging  for construction college buildings, staff quarters promoting the participation of colleges in the University Grants Commission  sponsored programmes etc are some of the other Administrative responsibilities of this Department.


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