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About the Organisation and its Structure

           KSCARD Bank is the State level apex body of 44 affiliated Primary Cooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Banks (PCARDBs) functioning under Federal structure. A PCARDB will have an area of operation of one to three Taluks. The Bank is the successor of the former Central Land Mortgage Bank and the nomenclature was also changed in tune with the enactment of the Kerala State Co-operative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank Act 1984. The mission of the Bank is “Comprehensive Rural Development” of Kerala. In order to achieve this, the Bank advances investment credit to the rural farmers, artisans, fisherman and small entrepreneurs both in farm sector and non-farm sector.

           While working as Mortgage Banks, the Bank’s priority was in releasing the farmers from the bonds of moneylenders. Later the emphasis was shifted to financing income-generating activities in the field of agriculture and small-scale industries. During the year 1989-90 housing financing to low income group in rural areas was identified as a priority area and now the Bank is actively engaged in the field of advancing term loans for Rural Housing activities. Thus the Bank is actively playing the role of the Development Bank in the State.

           The taluk/sub district level PCARDBs are organized by the association of like-minded people for the economic betterment of its members. There are 44 PCARDBs at present in the State and are affiliated to the state level KSCARD Bank. The KSCARD Bank and PCARDBs are managed by democratically elected representatives of the members in line with the Co-operative principles. The apex organization exerts-financial and supervisory control and guidance over its affiliated PCARDBs, besides providing technical financial and man power support. For effective supervision the KSCARD Bank has 14 Regional Offices at each District Headquarters. The Bank has two zonal Offices at Thiruvananthapuram and Kannur for inspection and vigilance. A well-equipped Staff Training Centre has been set up at Ernakulam for providing training to the employees of PCARDBs and the KSCARD Bank.


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