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                 Excise Department is one of the oldest Departments in the State. It’s establishment dates back to the reign of Maharajas of Travancore. Excise Department, at that time, was a comprehensive name given collectively to the Governmental agencies for the administration of the collection of revenue from Salt, Tobacco, Abkari and Customs. The work was supervised and controlled by the “Piravagai” Department attached to the Huzur Cutchery. The Division Peishkars supervised the collection of revenue and administered the laws and regulations. The management of the Department was vested in the Dewan. In 1083 ME  (1907-08), Excise Department was reorganized. The State of Travancore, for the purpose of Excise administration was then divided in 4 Division. Each Division was subdivided into Circles and the Circles were divided into Ranges. Each Division was under the command of an Assistant Excise Commissioner. The Administrative Head of the Excise Department was the Excise Commissioner. Even after the reorganization of the State of Kerala in 1956, the same system of administration is retained. However the control over Salt, Tobacco and Customs were lifted from the Excise Department. The Department is now administering laws related to Liquor, Medicinal Preparations containing liquor and Narcotic Drugs only. The present structure of the Department is given at the end.


Main laws enforced by Excise Department now are:

1.      The Kerala Abkari Act (Abkari Act I of 1077)
2.      The Prohibition Act 1950
3.      The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985
4.      The Medicinal and Toilet Preparations (Excise Duties) Act 1955
5.      The Spirituous Preparations (Inter State Trade & Commerce) Central Act 1955.

The general control over the administration of Excise Department and of the collection of Excise Revenue is vested in the Excise Commissioner. The principal duties of the officers of Excise Department are the protection, augmentation and collection of Excise Revenue and suppression of malpractices.



Revenue is collected mainly under 3 heads: Duties, Luxury Taxes and Rentals. The Duty of Excise and Luxury Tax is levied at such rates as may be fixed by the Government from time to time by notification in gazette, not exceeding the rate specified in Section 18 of Abkari Act.



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