. The Department
. Address & Contact Numbers of important officials
. Data processing Centre
. Important Government Orders From Finance
. Delegation of financial powers of administrative departments of secretariat
. Delegation of Financial powers to heads of
. State Lotteries
. Treasuries
. Insurance department
. Local Fund Audit Department
. Formulation of the Budget Estimates for 2008-2007
. Proforma of Statements
  Pay Revision Commission 2005 - Questionnaire
. www.finance.kerala.gov.in

             Finance Department largely perform the function of advising the Government on all Financial matters. The formulation of the Budget is one of its most important functions. Finance department is also entrusted with the responsibility of framing rules regulating pay, emoluments and other service conditions of all Government employees. It has administrative control over the departments of Local Fund Audit, Directorates of National Savings, State Lotteries, State Insurance and Treasuries. The department is headed by the Principal Secretary and has two Secretaries in charge of expenditure and Finance Resources.


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