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The insurance scheme of hospitalization benefits and personal accident benefits for the scheduled tribes and schedules castes in the forests of Kerala has come into effect from 01..04..1995.

This scheme offers benefits against accidental death, permanent total disability and permanent partial disability. Accidental death included death due to lighting, drawing, fall from a tree or otherwise, food poisoning, electrocution, motor vehicle accident, attack of wild animals and snake bite.

If an accident results in the death of a person within six months of occurrence of such an accident, the nominee (dependent) will be paid the insured amount, which is Rs.5000 for children below 5 years and Rs.25000 for others in the age group 5 to 70.

The territorial Ranger is the nodal officer for this scheme and he is authorized to adopt the criterion to be adopted for deciding the dependents who will do so on the basis which satisfies the principle of equity and natural justice.

In case of total and irrevocable loss of sight of both the eyes or loss of one hand and one foot within six months from the date of occurrence of an accident, the total amount insured will be paid. If such a loss is limited to one year or one foot or one hand only, 5% amount insured will be paid.


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