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Housing Scheme For Non-Resident Indian
To cater to the long felt need of Non-resident Indians, the KSHB has established an NRI Cell and formulated a scheme exclusively  for Nonresident Indians. The KSHB allots house sites, gives technical guidance, supervises construction etc. Houses are constructed as per the plan accepted by the NRIs in sites acquired exclusively for them. House with modern facilities with a tentative cost of Rs.12 lakhs including land value is constructed in each selected centre. Loan upto 60% of the cost is given by the Board and the balance of 40% is the beneficiary’s share.  Apart from this, a certain  percentage has been reserved for the NRIs in the allotment of plot/plot with building/flats in the Public Housing Schemes of the Board.  Housing schemes exclusively for NRIs at Kozhencheri, Thrivikramangalam and Thrikkakkara Stage III are completed.  Construction of 50 units at Mulamkunnathukavu is completed during 1998-99 and 50 units at Pattoor (reserved for NRIs from Pattoor HS) has completed during 1999-2000. Forty flats at Thrikkakkara and 12 flats at T.D.Road, Ernakulam are completed during 2000-01.

Working Women's Hostel
The Board has decided to implement working women’s hostel project in all important places in the State for accommodating Working Women.  At the outset the proposal is to construct hostels at Idukki, Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Ernakulam, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasaragod.  The construction work for Working Women’s hostel at Idukki (Muttom, Thodupuzha) for accommodations 180 persons at a cost of 103.84 lakhs has been completed and at Kottayam (Gandhinagar) accommodating 186 persons at a cost of Rs.148.32 lakhs has completed during this financial year.  Construction of  Working Women’s Hostel, Kakkanad, Ernakulam is in progress. Steps are being taken for constructing Working Women’s Hostel at Thrissur. The work will be started soon.  All the district collectors have also been requested to identify suitable government land in  respective districts for the scheme.

Sureksha Housing Scheme
This scheme is intended for the low income groups at towns and cities, who do not own at least one cent of land.  Board proposes to give lands and loan for construction houses for them under simple conditions and also to construct housing schemes exclusively for them.  The implementation of this scheme is at its initial stage.

Housing Scheme For MLAs/MPs
Housing scheme exclusively for MLAs/MPs of the State was formulated as per G.O. Dt.20.9.85.  The scheme is being implemented by the Board by availing loan from HDFC. Under this scheme a Legislator or his spouse is eligible to  get loan for construction of a new house, reconstruction/extension to the existing house or purchase of an apartment a new ready built house at any place at his choice.   The maximum loan amount is limited to Rs.3.00 lakhs. The loan amount is to repaid in equated monthly installment in 15 years.  The rate of interest is 7%. Under this scheme 30 units were completed during 1996-97 to 03/2002 and expenditure incurred is Rs.94.3 lakhs.

Housing Schemes For Working Journalists
Under this Scheme (introduced on 24.07.78) houses are constructed and allotted to the working journalists in the State.  A journalist who does not possesses a house either in his name or in the name of his wife or dependent children also has the option for constructing a house either in the plot owned by him or in the plot allotted by the Housing Board.  As per G.O. Dt.17.06.83, Government revised the scheme by granting loan assistance and subsidy for the construction of houses in developed plots.  25% of the total cost of  construction subject to a maximum of Rs.20,000/- was subsidy component.  Later Government revised the subsidy to Rs.35,000/-and then Rs50000/-.  Under this Scheme subsidy was given to 104 cases from 1996-97 to July 2000.  A special scheme for the working journalists was also formulated and the construction of 54 units with a project cost of Rs.316.18 lakhs is completed at NCC Road, Trivandrum during 1999 – 2000.

Single Women Housing Scheme  
The Board proposes to implement a special Housing Scheme  for  the Single Women family  where safe and affordable accommodation will be provided for them.  Action is being  taken for the identification of the land etc. For the formulation of the project .  The scheme will be implemented  in the coming years.

Housing Scheme For Veteran Freedom Fighters
The KSHB propose to implement a housing scheme having 50 dwelling units for Veteran Freedom Fighters at Kozhikode in the land available in the Kozhikode Medical College Housing Accommodation Scheme.  The work will be started soon.

Sub-Urban Housing Complexes
The Kerala State Housing Board has decided to implement a scheme named ”sub-urban housing complexes”.  The scheme is proposed to be implemented in sub urban areas under the jurisdiction of Development Authorities in the State.   This scheme is proposed to be implemented in every districts. The scheme will be implemented in suitable government lands in suburban
panchayaths or private land purchased on negotiation. The scheme will be implemented with the help of various financial agencies like HUDCO etc. And it is decided to construct a minimum of 10 nos. of houses in each such housing complexes.  The implementation of the scheme is at its initial stage.

N.R.I. Housing Complexes
In addition to the existing housing scheme for N.R.Is Board has projected to build housing complexes having 10 houses each in suitable places at Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kozhikode, Nedumpassery, Kannur etc.  Suitable lands for this scheme are being identified by the Board.

Housing scheme for central govt employees
A Central government Employee who owns at least 5 cents of land comes under this scheme.  The loan amounts are fixed at Rs. 1,12,400/-, Rs.1,79,350/- and Rs.2,69,570/- according to the basic pay of the employee.  The amount has to be repaid in 228 monthly installments.

HIG Cash Loan Scheme
Under HIG scheme maximum loan  of Rs.1500000/- is given for constructing a house of the cost of which is Rs.15 lakhs.  The annual income of the people coming under this category should be above Rs.216001/-.  The rate of interest for loan upto 10 Lakhs is 15.5% and above 10 Lakhs is 16%  and the amount is to be repaid in 108 monthly installments. During the year 1996-97 to 03/2002 sanctions were issued for 1502 and 1486 units completed and Rs. 4605.1 lakhs was disbursed.


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