Organisational set-up
  Important Telephone Nos
  Industrial Relations Scenario
  Recognition of Trade Unions
  Long term settlements
New Labour Policy 2001
Inter-State Migrant Labour
Implementation of
Minimum Wages Act
  Kerala Institute of Labour and Employment (KILE)
  Overseas Development and Employment Promotion Consultants Ltd. (ODEPC)
  Welfare activities
  Job Responsibilities
  Security and Welfare Schemes
  Major Labour Laws
  Kerala Loading and
Unloading Bill 2002
  IT Enabled Services-Self
certification Details and Application Forms
  Welfare Schemes
  Abstract of Important Labour Acts and rules
  Thozhil Rangam
  Medical Insurance Department
  Application Forms
  Government Orders
  Minimumum rates of wages to plantations:Notification GO. Rt.No.377/2006/LBR Dt.18.02.2006
  Revision of minimum rates of wages in Tea, Rubber, Coffee and Cardomom Plantations in Kerala- Preliminary notification publishing of - regarding
  Directorate of Employment and Training




The Department

         A Secretary to Government heads this department. This department seeks to facilitate harmonious industrial relations in the state and to enforce various labour laws. There are a number of welfare schemes for different sections of workers. A number of welfare fund boards also function under this department. In Industrial disputes the department is the instrument for conciliation and conflict resolution between the labour and management. The labour Commissioner is the head of the field department.

Organisational and Functional Details

         The honourable Minister for Labour is assisted by the Secretary to Government, Labour and Rehabilitation Department in the Government Secretariat, 4 Joint Secretaries, 4 Under Secretaries, Section Officers, Assistants and other ancillary staff.

         As for the State Department of Labour, the Labour Commissioner, is the head of the department. The most important aims and objectives of the department include maintenance of peaceful atmosphere in the labour sector as a whole; ensure co-operation and healthy relation between the employers and the employed; systematic implementation of the various labour laws (numbering 27 Central/State Acts and Rules) throughout the State etc.

         2 Additional Labour Commissioners (one for 'industrial relations' and the other for 'enforcement') having state-wide jurisdiction assist the Labour Commissioner at the headquarters. Besides them, Joint Labour Commissioner, 1 Deputy Labour Commissioner, 1 District Labour Officer (HQ) and 1 Assistant Labour Officer (HQ) are functioning at the Commissionerate. Further, 1 Administrative Officer, 1 Finance Officer, 1 Law Officer, 1 Administrative Assistant, 1 Research Officer, 1 Publicity Officer, 1 PA to the LC, Senior Superintendents, other ministerial and ancillary staff work in the Commissionerate. At Kollam, Ernakulam and Kozhikode 3 Regional Joint Labour Commissioners oversee and control the 25 District Labour Officers and 8 Deputy Labour Commissioners functioning in the respective regions. In all the revenue districts except Pathanamthitta, Idukki and Wayanad, there are 2 District Labour Officers in each district. One of them attends to the general matters including maintenance of industrial peace in the district whereas the other officer looks after enforcement of the Acts and rules. There are 19 Deputy Labour Officers working in different parts of the state. They are conciliation officers. Further, there are 12 Inspectors of Agricultural Labour functioning in all the Districts except Wayanad and Kasargod.

         A total number of 100 Assistant Labour Officers (designated as grade II) having taluk-wise jurisdiction attend to the statutory functions at grass-root level throughout the state. They are controlled by the respective DLO (E)

         Chief Inspector of Plantations with the status of Joint Labour Commissioner has statewide jurisdiction. He functions as the Head of the Inspectorate. A separate Inspectorate functions as the Head of the Inspectorate. A separate Inspectorate functions for implementation of various labour legislation in the plantation sector. There are 10 Plantation Inspectors under him who perform their duties within specific jurisdictional areas.

         Further, one Joint Labour Commissioner another operates at the Kakkad Hydroelectric project and the Super Thermal Power Station at Kayamkulam

         The total strength of the State Labour Department is 1116. The total approximate annual expenditure of the Labour Department is Rs. ten crore whereas the total approximate annual receipts of the Department is RS 92.00 lakh only.

         Four Labour Courts (Kollam, Ernakulam, Kozhikode and Kannur) and five Industrial Tribunals (Kollam, Alappuzha, Idukki, Palakkad and Kozhikode) function in the state for adjudication of cases.

Disclosure of Information under Section 4(1)(b) of the Act

1. Organisational and Functional details of Labour and Rehabilitation Department.

The business of the State Government is transacted through 38 Secretariat Departments based on the Rules of Business and the Labour & Rehabilitation Department is one among them.  The organizational and functional details of General Administration Department are generally applicable to Labour & Rehabilitation Department also.

The Labour & Rehabilitation Department is functioning under the control of a Secretary to Government.  There are two Additional Secretaries, one Joint Secretary and six Under Secretaries functioning under him.  There are 12 Sections in the Labour & Rehabilitation Department and the work of the Department is distributed to them.  Each section is under the charge of a Section Officer.  Apart from this, there is an Office Section also functioning under an office Superintendent.

Following are the sections of the Labour & Rehabilitation Department dealing with the subjects mentioned below.

(i) A - Section

Industrial Disputes of all Districts in Kerala.

Papers relating to the issuance of  NOC for the Installation of Stone Crusher Units.

Periodical reports on pending cases of all Labour Courts and Industrial Tribunals.

All Labour Disputes falling outside the purview of ID Act

Papers relating to amendments and modification under Industrial Disputes Act and files received from other departments for remarks based on Industrial Disputes Act and Rules.

Declaring of Industries as Public Utility Services.

(ii) B - Section

All Papers relating to Kerala Toddy Workers Welfare Fund Board except Section 8(5).

All papers relating to Kerala Labour Welfare Fund Board, Kerala Laundry Workers’ Welfare Scheme and Kerala Barbers and Beauticians’ Welfare Scheme.

Problems of workers in the respective categories but falling outside the purview of the above Welfare Fund Board/Scheme.

All papers relating to the Department of Factories & Boilers.

All papers relating to exemption from E.S.I. Act.

(iii) C - Section

Establishment matters of Industrial Training Department and Govt. Industrial Training Institutes.

Administration Report of Industrial Training Department, RI Centres and Labour Department.

Establishment matters of the Labour Department and Staff of Labour Department working in the Industrial Tribunals.

Budget Papers of Labour Department

Inspection Reports of the Accountant General and Audit objections in respect of Industrial Training Department.

Papers relating to Public Accounts Committee.

Intensive job oriented Training Schemes implemented through the Department of Industrial Training.

The papers on sanctioning of New Trades and Creation of posts.

Continuance sanction of temporary posts.

Establishment of new ITIs.

Administrative sanction for construction work of ITIs.

Condemnation of Vehicles of Industrial Training Department.

(iv) D - Section

Payment of Gratuity Act (Central Act).

Kerala Industrial Employees’/Payment of Gratuity Act.

Payment of Bonus Act.

Beedi & Cigar Workers Act and Rules.

Beedi & Cigar Workers Welfare Fund Act.

Labour Ministers’ Conference.

Labour Secretaries’ Conference.

Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Statement of Lockout, Lay Off, Retrenchment

Kerala Beedi and Cigar Workers’ Welfare Fund Board.

Etta, Kattuvally and Pandanus Leaf Workers’ Welfare Fund Board, Act & Rules.

Problems of Workers in the respective category but falling outside the purview of the above Welfare Fund Boards.

National Commission on Agricultural Labour.

Consolidation work of Labour Department excluding papers relating to LA interpellation, Assurance, Subject Committee etc.

Papers relating to Plantation Labour Act and Rules, allied matters.

Labour Policy.

Computerization and other related papers.

Plantation State level meetings, follow up action and connected subjects

Papers relating to the inspection reports in respect of the Training Department received from Stores Purchase and Finance Departments.

Purchase of equipment for the Department of Training 

Papers relating to Private Industrial Training Centres.

Training of Industrial Training Institute and their Associations.

Certificate holders of ITIs  and their Associations.

Apprenticeship Act and Rules there under.

General papers relating to the review of plan Schemes.

Five year Plan and related papers.

(v) E - Section

Minimum wages, Minimum Wages Act 1948 and Rules.

Payment of Wages Act and Rules.

Recommendation of Wage Board.

Formation of Wage Board.

Formation of Minimum Wages Committees.

Contract Labour ( Regulation & Abolition) Act & Rules.

Industrial Relation Committee/Board.

Inter-state Migrant Workmen( Regulation of work and conditions of Service.).

Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.

Exemption from EPF & Miscellaneous Provisions Act.

The Casual, Temporary and Badali Workers Wages Bill.

Welfare Funds (Enactment of Bill Only).

The Equal Remuneration Act and Rules.

The Sales Promotion Employees (Conditions of service) Act and Rules.

The Trade Union Act & Rules.

Motor Transport Workers’ Act & Rules.

Maternity Benefit Act and Rules.

Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act & Rules.

Working Journalists and other News Papers Employess (Condition of service and Miscellaneous provisions) Act and Rules.

Working Journalists (Fixation of rates of wages) Act

Employment of Children Act and Schemes and Regulations.

The Kerala Payment of Subsistence Allowance Act and Rules.

Kerala Motor Transport Workers (Payment of Fair Wages) Act.

The Kerala Industrial Establishment (National and Festival Holidays)Act and Rules.

ILO Papers.

Workers’ Education Schemes.

Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishment Act and Rules.

Workmen’s Compensation Act And Rules.

Workers in the unorganized sectors- petitions, demands, issues etc.

Papers on committee for Welfare of women Children and Physically Handicapped.

Grant -in -Aid Schemes- Project, Proposals.

(vi) F - Section

All Establishment matters of of IMS Department.

Fixation of Rent of ESI Dispensaries.

Extension and implementation of ESI Schemes to new areas and categories.

Dying-in-harness papers of IMS Department,

Papers relating to ESI Schemes,

Medical re-imbursement and General papers connected with ESI Scheme

Budget, Administration Report of IMS Department,

Payment of Medical Benefits to Insured Persons and family.

Land acquisition, Purchase of medicines.

(vii) G - Section

Establishment matters of National Employment Services.

All papers relating to Kerala Institute of Labour & Employment.

Labour Academy.

All papers relating to Employment Registration and Seniority.

Petitions for Employment Assistance.

Simplification of Emigration Act.

Enforcement of CNV Act.

All papers relating to ODEPC Limited.

Establishment matters of all Labour Courts and All Industrial Tribunals in the State.

Rent, Telephone, repair and condemnation of vehicles of Employment Department.

Papers relating to registration of candidates in the Employment Exchanges.

(viii) H - Section

Kerala Unemployment Assistance Scheme.

Self-employment scheme implemented through Employment Exchanges.

All papers relating to Kerala Tailoring Workers’ Act.

Kerala Tailoring Workers’ Welfare Scheme and

Kerala Tailoring Workers’ Welfare Fund Board.

All papers relating to Kerala Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Fund Board

except Appeal Cases under Section 8 (5) of the Kerala Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Fund Act.

Kerala Autorikshaw Workers’ Welfare Fund Scheme.

All papers relating to Kerala Head Load Workers Act and Rules.

Kerala Headload Workers Welfare Scheme and

Establishment matters of the Kerala Head Load Workers’ Welfare Board.

Problems of workers in the respective categories but falling outside the purview of the above Welfare Boards/Schemes.

(ix) J - Section

Kerala Building & Other Constructions Workers Welfare Fund Board.

Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Cess Act.

Building and other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and conditions of service) Act 1996 & Rules 1998.

Papers relating to MPs’ Conference, Collectors’ Conference and Chief Secretary’s Conference.

Kerala Cashew Workers’ Relief & Welfare Fund Board.

Kerala Handloom Workers’ Welfare Fund Board.

Common papers relating to Welfare Fund Boards.

Relief to Cashew Workers of closed factories.

Kerala Administrative Reforms Committee papers.

Problems of workers in the respective categories but falling outside the purview of the above Welfare Fund Boards.

(x) R - Section

All papers relating to Rehabilitation of Repatriates from Srilanka, Burma, Uganda etc.

Papers relating to Rehabilitation Plantation Limited, Punalur.

Civil Suits and other papers relating to evacuee properties.

All papers relating to the Directorate of Rehabilitation.

All papers on rehabilitation outside the purview of RPL.

Kerala Agricultural Workers Pension.

Group Insurance Scheme for landless Agricultural Labourers.

All papers relating to Kerala Agricultural Act.

Kerala Agricultural Welfare Fund Scheme.

Kerala Agricultural Welfare Fund Board.

Kerala Tree Climbers Welfare Scheme.

SC/STs Advisory Committee papers and follow up action.

All papers relating to Kerala Artisans & Skilled Workers’ Welfare Scheme.

Kerala Abkari Workers’ Welfare Fund Board.

Papers relating to SCP/TSP, Review meeting etc.

Problems of workers in the respective categories but falling outside the purview of the above Welfare Fund Boards/Schemes.

(xi) S - Section

Appeals under Section 8(5) of the Kerala Motor Transport Workers Welfare Fund Act, 1985.

Appeals under Section 8(5) of the Toddy Workers Welfare Fund Act, 1969.

(xii)  PS - Section

All papers relating to the consolidation of L.A. Interpellation and Assurances.

Papers relating to the PAC, PUC, Estimate Committee, Committee for the Welfare of Women & Children.

Papers on Subject Committee, Draft Paras/Audit paras related to Labour, Employment, Training, Factories & Boilers and Insurance Medical Service Departments.

Monthly business Statement and Staff conference of the Department.

2. The powers and Duties, as assigned to the officers and Employees of Labour & Rehabilitation Department.

The powers and duties, as assigned to the officers and employees of Secretariat are applicable to the officers and employees of Labour and Rehabilitation Department.

Procedure followed in the decision making process

The cases are generally processed at the section level and the files are submitted to Under Secretary/ Joint Secretary/ Additional Secretary/ Secretary/ Ministers as per the nature/ requirement of the case.  The cases are disposed of at the appropriate level based on the provisions contained in the Rules of Business/ Secretariat Instructions and Kerala Secretariat Office Manual.

Norms set by Labour & Rehabilitation Department for the discharge of its functions.

Decision taking officers shall ensure that proper priorities are given in respect of each case coming within their jurisdiction and necessary measures will be taken to check delay and arrears.  Necessary provisions have been incorporated in the office manual for the speedy disposal of case and instructions are being issued from time to time for the discharge of the functions  of the Department effectively.

Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals held by the Department for discharge of its functions.

The Department discharge its functions in accordance with the instructions contained in Kerala Secretariat Office Manual, Secretariat Instructions and  Rules of Business

Statement of Categories of document that are held by the Department.

The document held by the Labour & Rehabilitation Department include the relevant files on the subjects dealt with in the Department.



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