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Welfare activities

12 statutory welfare fund boards for implementing various welfare schemes including pension for the unorganised labour. (Tripartite Boards)

The 12 Boards are the following:-

Kerala Abkari Workers' Welfare Fund Board, Thiruvananthapuram
Kerala Agricultural Workers' Welfare Fund Board, Thrissur
Kerala Building & Other construction Workers' Welfare Board,

Kerala Cashew Worker's Relief & Welfare Fund Board, Kollam
Kerala Handloom Workers' Welfare Fund Board, Kannur
Kerala Headload Workers' Welfare Fund Board, Ernakulam
Kerala Labour Welfare Fund Board, Thiruvananthapuram
Kerala Motor Transport Workers' Welfare Fund Board, Kollam
Kerala Tailoring Workers' Welfare Fund Board Thiruvananthapuram
Kerala Toddy Workers' welfare Fund Board, Thiruvananthapuram
Kerala Beedi & Cigar Workers Welfare Fund Board, Kozhikode
Kerala Bamboo, Kattuvally and Pandanus Leaf Workers' Welfare Fund, Ernakulam.

The following are the welfare measures attended to by these Boards:-
(a) Pension
(b) Death benefits
(c) Educational scholarships
(d) Financial assistance/loan for housing
(e) Maternity benefit
(f) Medical benefits.

3. Other Welfare activities carried out in the State are:-
(a) Financial assistance to the workers of locked out factories @ Rs. 500/- P.M
(b) Tree Climbers Welfare Scheme - for providing financial assistance to the injured worker/dependents of the deceased worker. The ex-gratia amount is RS 10,000/-
(c) Group Insurance Scheme for the landless agricultural workers. In case of death of a landless peasant RS 2000/- will be given to the heirs.
(d) The retrenched employees of a factory, whose dispute is for adjudication in a tribunal, will get monthly financial assistance for a limited period if the salary drawn from the factory is below RS 500/-

Major Social Security and Welfare Schemes in Kerala

Sl No
Name of Scheme
Qualifying Conditions
1 Agricultural Workers Welfare 1. Pension : above 60 years. Annual family Scheme income should not exceed RS 11,000/-

2 . Retirement benefit : minimum one
year membership
2 Kerala Cashew Workers Relief and Welfare Scheme 1. Cashew workers above the age of 60/ incapacity to do work.
3 Kerala Coir Workers Welfare Scheme 1. Workers above the age of 60 years and Fund pays the final contribution
4 Kerala Construction Workers Welfare Scheme

1. Pension : workers having one year service and attained 60 years of age
2. Disability pension : Permanently disabled
3. Family Pension : death of the pensioner

5 Kerala Khadi Workers Welfare Scheme 3. Family Pension : death of the pensioner Having ten years service and 60 years of age
6 Kerala Handloom Workers Welfare Scheme 1. Above the age of 60 with at least 3 years service
2. Self-employed persons in Handloom industry
7 Kerala Abkari Workers Welfare Scheme 1. Pension: Completed 3 years continuous Fund service
8 Kerala Toddy Workers Welfare Scheme 1. Workers who have not less than 10 years membership/ retired before/ after the commencement of scheme/ superannuation/ permanent illness 2. Assistance to disabled workers due to fall from the tree
9 Kerala Head Load Workers Welfare Scheme 1. All the workers in rolls of the committee are insured with LIC under Group Insurance
welfare scheme 2. Invalid Pension
10 Kerala Motor Workers Welfare Scheme Members completing 3 months continuous service
1. Death Benefit
2. Retirement benefit
11 Kerala Fishermen's Welfare Scheme 1. Fishermen who completed 60 years of age Insurance compensation to annual income below RS 5000/-
2. Accidental Death/Missing
3. Permanent Disability
12 Kerala Tailoring Workers Fund Scheme 1. Pension- Completed 60 years of age or Welfare minimum 9 years service
2. Disability Pension
13 Kerala Artisans and Skilled Workers Welfare Scheme 1. 60 years and above and is a member
2. Death benefit
3. Permanent Disability
14 Tree Climbers Welfare Scheme Workers in the event of total accidents and permanent total disability following the accidents.
Above 65 years. Annual Family Income below RS 11.000/-
15 Beedi and Cigar Workers Welfare Scheme 1. Pension- Completion of 60 years/ minimum 3 years service 2. Retirement benefit


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