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Assignment of Land in Panchayat area

Government lands are being assigned under the proceedings of Kerala Land Assignment Rules, 1964.

Assignment of Government land is being done in the case of lands occupied by way of encroachment and those who preferred application for assignment of unoccupied government lands as per the existing Rules.

Land that cannot be assigned:

The Government lands set apart for public purpose will not be assigned.  So also the land vested with Panchayat and land adjacent to streams, rivers, ponds etc. will not be assigned.

Authority to assign the land in Panchayat area:

Tahsildar:  For residential purpose and cultivation purpose.
R D O:  For the beneficial enjoyment of the land possessed by a person.
Government:  For public purpose.

Procedure to assign the land:

Application the prescribed form, affixing required court fee stamp is to be submitted to the Tahsildar.  Persons belonging to SC/ST and serving military personal are exempted form affixing course fee stamp.

On receipt of application, Tahsildar will conduct enquiries and sent report to District Collector with the approval of L.A committee.

Land that can be assigned for personal cultivation, house sites and for beneficial enjoyment

Extent of lands that can be assigned

Unoccupied Lands

If there are no valuable improvement


Hilly tracts

Wet land: 1 acre

1 acre

Dry land: 1 acre

3 acre

Wet land: 1 acre

Dry land: 1 acre

1 acre

3 acre

If there are valuable improvement

Wet land: 2 acre

Dry land: 2 acre

2 acre

4 acre

For house sites

25 cents

25 cents

For beneficial enjoyment

25 cents

25 cents

Income limit:  Annual Income of the family from sources, other than the Government of India held by him should be below Rs. 10,000/-.

Land assigned on registry shall not be alienated for a period of three years from the date of registry.  But these lands can be pledged for availing agricultural loan.

Land value to be realized

Dry land:  Rs. 1000/- per acre
Wet land:  Rs. 1000/- per acre
Grass lands:  Rs. 200/- per acre
Waste lands:  -do-
In the cases of income exceeding Rs. 10,000/- market rate of the land, survey and demarcation charges etc. to be realized
No fees will be realized from the persons belonging to SC/ST

Priority in assignment

i)  Out of the total extent of land available for assignment 25% will be set apart for members of SC/ST and 10% for Ex-servicemen.
ii)  Persons possessed the land prior to 1.8.71
Condonation of delay in remitting L A dues.
Upto 3 years:  District Collector
Upto 5 years:  Land Revenue Commissioner
Above 5 years:  Government
6% of interest per annum will be realized from the defaulters


[See Rule 11(8) and 16(1)]

Application for Assignment of Land on Registry, Lease or Licence

  1. Name of applicant
  2. Present Address
  3. Previous address (Full address)
  4. Survey number of the land applied for
  5. Extent
  6. Boundaries
  7. Nature of the land (wet or dry)
  8. If there is occupation of the land applied for, the year from which the land was occupied
  9. Total extent under occupation
  10. If held on lease details there of such as period of lease year from which the lease was sanctioned and the lease amount
  11. Total extent of land (other than Government land) held by the applicant or members of his family either in proprietary right or with security of tenure
  12. Annual income of the family from sources other than Government lands

(To be filled up in the case of Application for concessional Registry). 

  1. Whether Scheduled caste or not, if Scheduled Caste (indicate caste also).
  2. Occupation


I do hereby declare that the details furnished in the application are correct and that I do not own any land either in proprietary right or with security of tenure except as shown above and that my annual income from all sources is Rs.


Date:                                                                                                    Signature of applicant


Date:                                                                                                                  Signature

Assignment of land within Municipal and Corporation Areas,

Rules 1995.

Land within Municipal and Corporation Areas, are being assigned as per Rules for assignment of land within Municipal and Corporation Areas 1995.

Extent of land that can be assigned to a family:
House Sites
Municipality   - Upto 10 cents
Corporation    - Upto 5 cents

Land Value to be realized


Land Value

Upto 24,000/- per annum


Between 24000-50000

1/5th Market Value

Above 50,000

Full Market value

In the case of assignment of land for House site to SC/ST, who are occupying the land for more than five years, land value to be remitted shall be at concessional rate.

While assigning land in excess of the limit, (In Municipal area above 10 cents Corporation above 5 cents) market rate and ½ of the market rate to be realized

Extent and Land value to be realized

Municipal area upto 5 cents:  Market value of the land

Corporation area upto 3 cents:................ do................

(Market value of the land to be calculated as in the case of land acquisition proceedings)

While assigning land for beneficial enjoyment of adjoining registered holdings market value to be remitted.

  1. Land assigned on registry shall be heritable but not alienable for a period of 12 years.
  2. The assignee shall mortgage the land to the Government, Co-operative Institutions or other Institutions Credit Agencies for obtaining loans for effecting improvements to the land or for constructing, repairing buildings or for improvements of the business of the assignee.

Authority to assign land:

The District Collector having jurisdiction over he area when land is assigned for house site or shop sites in Municipal and Corporation area  and Government in respect of assignment of lands to institutions:-

Appeal against assignment orders:-

Appeal shall lie to the Commissioner of Land Revenue against the order of District Collector and to Government against order of Commissioner of Land Revenue.

Appeal to be filed within 30 days of receipt of order and the appeal petition has to be affixed with court fee stamp.

FORM No. 1

[See Rule 6(6)]


  1. Name of Applicant :
  2. Postal Address      :
  3. Details of land sought to be assigned  :

(a)  Extent            Sy.No.            Village          Municipality/Corporation          Taluk          District

(1)                     (2)                   (3)                       (4)                               (5)                 (6)

(b)    Whether the land is already under
         occupation by the applicant  :

(c)     If occupied, the date from which occupied  :

(d)    If held on lease, give the following details :

          (1) No and date of lease :

          (2) Authority who granted the lease :

          (3) Period of lease :

          (4) Whether the lease is current or
                time-expired  :

(5) Whether rent/prohibitory
assessment is outstanding :

4. Purpose for which, and is required :

5.  Details of Pattah land, if any held by the applicant :

Extent      Sy.No          Village        Taluk        District            Panchayat/Municipality/Corporation

(1)             (2)                (3)              (4)              (5)                          (6)


  1. I/We declare that the particulars given above are true.
  2. I/We declare that I/We shall abide by the terms and conditions stipulated for assignment of land.

Signature of the applicant

Land Lease/Licence in Panchayat Area

Government lands will be leased out as per the Kerala Land Assignment Rules, 1964.

Purpose for which lease/licence can be granted.

Lands which are not immediately required for public purpose are leased out without auction for-

(a)    Agricultural purposes

(b)    Beneficial enjoyment

(c)    Any scheme approved by Government

(d)    Agricultural purpose of co-operative societies

(e)    Putting up pandals, sheds for conferences, fares, festivals, marriages, cinema, circus, drama and exhibitions

(f)      Lease for retting of coconut husks, stocking of materials use as play grounds, putting shops, construction of petrol bunks etc.

Period of Lease




Sanctioning Authority

Agricultural purpose

Upto 2 years

3 acres


Beneficial enjoyment

Upto 2 years

50 cents


Schemes approved by the Government

5 years

10 years

20 years

Other cases

5 acres

10 acres

20 acres



District Collector


Agricultural purpose to Co-operative societies

10 years

10 years

10 years

Other cases

3 acres

10 acres

20 acres



District Collector


Pandals, sheds etc

3 years


(As specified by Government)

Conducting Cinema



Lands in port limits

2 years

5 years

10 years

Other cases

3 acres

5 acres

10 acres



District Collector


Cancellation of Lease/Licence

(1)    If the land is required by the Government or for public purpose, the sanctioning authority is competent to terminate the lease/licence after giving 60 days notice.

(2)    If the assignee violates the conditions of lease, it can be terminated after giving 15 days notice.

Lease in Municipal/Corporation area

Lease is being granted under the Assignment of land within Municipal and Corporation Areas, Rules 95.

Authority to whom application filed    - District Collector

Period of Lease to be renewed once in three years

Non-renewal of Lease: -

The land will be resumed after the expiry of lease period and in the case of application for renewal is not filed.

Rate of Lease rent: -

Non-commercial purpose:  10% market value of the land

Commercial purpose:  20% market value of the land

Lease rent to be remitted within one month from the date of receipt of order.  Survey and Demarcation of land.

  1. In addition to lease rent, Survey and demarcation charge to be remitted.
  2. SC/ST persons and the persons those annual income below Rs. 24,000/- are exempted from remitting survey and demarcation charges.

Cancellation of Lease

Lease will be cancelled in the case of violation of Lease agreement.


Appeal shall lie to the Commissioner of Land Revenue against the order of District Collector and to Government against orders of Commissioner of Land Revenue.

Appeal to be filed within 30 days if receipt of order and the appeal petition has to be affixed with court fee stamp.

Form No.5

[see Rule 12(1)(a)]


1.Name and address of applicant

2.Details of land for lease

Sy.No       Extent      Village          Municipality/corporation        Taluk              District     

3. (a) Whether the land is occupied by the applicant :

(b) If so, the authority under which it is occupied :

©Whether it is held on lease if so, give full details :

(d) Date of expiry of the lease :

4.Whether the dues on account of lease have been cleared  :

5.Purpose for which the land is required :

6.Period of lease required :

I declare that the particulars given below are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place:                                                                                       Applicant



Application for regularization of occupation by assignment on registry under the Kerala Land Assignment (Regularisation of occupation of Forest Lands               

prior to 1-1-1997) Special Rules 1993

                                     [[See Rule 6(2)]

1.                  (a) Name of applicant

(b) Age

© Father’s/Husbands name

(d) Taluk-District

(e) Village

(f) Postal address

2. Whether the applicant has a family

3. Whether any other member of the family has applied for assignment of land   
    under these rules

4. District, Taluk and village in which the applicant desires to get the land on    

5. Date from which the land is occupied by the applicant.

6. Details of other lands owned or held by the applicant or members of his family 
   whether in proprietory right or with security of tenure.

District             Taluk                Village              Survey No        Extend        Nature of  Title

(1)                    (2)                    (3)                    (4)                  (5)                    (6)

Note: -Family includes a person, his wife or husband, their children living with or dependent on them and also the parents who are dependent on such person.

7. (i) Whether the applicant belongs to scheduled Caste or scheduled Tribe: if so give details.

(ii) Whether the applicant wife belongs to SC/ST; if so give details.

(iii) If the husband and wife make a joint application, whether either of them belongs to SC/ST; if o give details. 


I/We do hereby declare that the details furnished below are correct.

I/We also declare that the land sought for regularization of occupation by assignment on registry has been under occupation by myself/my predecessor in interest prior to 1-1-1977 and that I/We have not applied for assignment of land in any other district.


Date:                                                                                        Signature of Applicant


Rules for granting of permission for rock blasting is governed by the Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1967

Application and permission for blasting for private purposes

No prescribed application-application in plain paper with court fee stamp worth Rs.5/- is to be submitted to the Tahsildhar.Tahildar after conducting enquiries permit for blasting operation up to 3 months.

Blasting for commercial purposes

Procedure /permit

Permission is granted for the blasting of rock for commercial purpose from government puramboke lands. Application in this regard is to be submitted to the District Collector. The District Collector will forward the application to the mining and Geology Department with Non objection certificate. The Mining and Geology Department will issue permit for rock blasting after fixing Royalty due to the Government.

Permits are given for rock blasting from private lands on the same procedure. But in such cases the consent letter of the landowner is also required along with the application. Permit is granted for a period of one year.

Places where rock blasting is not permitted

Permission is not granted for rock blasting with in 75 meters from railway line, bridge, and National Highway and within 50 meters from lakes, canals, schools, common roads, buildings and residential places.

The basic conditions for giving permission for rock blasting:-

There must be road from the place of rock blasting for the transportation of boulders/granite. In case there is no road, the consent of any body who is willing to provide transportation facilities through their property, is enough .in such cases consent letter from the landowner in stamp paper worth Rs.15/- should be obtained.

Circumstances leading to imposition of fine:-

The lorries carrying boulders/granite should carry ‘P’ form notice without fail. In its absence ,the Revenue and police authorities are empowered to seize the vehicle and impose fine.


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