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Organisational Structure

                     The National Employment Service Department was under the control of the Government of India till 31.10.1956. The administrative control of the department was transferred to the State Government with effect from 01.1.1956. To ensure the uniformity in the functioning of the Employment Exchanges all over India., the policies and procedure to be adopted in the functional activities of the Employment Exchanges are prescribed at the national level.

                     The Employment Service in Kerala has a network of one Directorate, 3 Regional Deputy Director's offices and 3 Professional and Executive Employment Exchanges at Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, and Kozhikode, 14 District Employment Exchanges, 58 Town Employment Exchanges, 6 Special Employment Exchanges for Physically Handicapped, 2 Coaching Cum Guidance Centres for SC/ ST, 5 University Employment Information & Guidance Bureau. These offices render 5 types of services, namely Placement service, Vocational Guidance, Employment Market Information , Self Employment Guidance, implementation of the Kerala Unemployment Assistance Scheme and Kerala Self Employment Scheme for the Registered unemployed (KESRU-99). The Department has a very important and unique role to play in a state like Kerala with more than 10% of its population on the Live Register of Employment Exchanges. The process of registration, renewal, selection and advising of eligible candidates against notified vacancies is the primary task of Employment Exchanges. This agency is perhaps the only link between employers and job seekers in that it is sponsoring candidates of required qualification and experience for various jobs within the shortest possible time. Number of registrants in Employment Exchanges has been exceeded from 2 lakhs in 1962 to 44.15 lakhs as on 31.10.2001.



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