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Media Accreditation :
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Media Accreditation

1.What is the procedure for getting media accreditation?
The  media management should apply in the prescribed form to the DPR through the concerned DIOs.

2.What are the criteria ?
 The applicant media should be included in the media list.The concerned media man for whom the application is filed should have passed at least SSLC. He should have a continuous service of minimum two years. 

3.Who  is the authority to issue accreditation?
The Director of Public Relations. There is a state accreditation committee headed by the Minister for Information.

4.What are the facilities given to an accredited correspondent ? 
An accreditation card revealing the identity and enabling them to approach  the authorities to facilitate his official work. A bus pass is issued for their free conveyance through out the state.50 % rail way  fare concession is recommended.

5.What are the welfare schemes available for journalists?
Working journalists welfare fund constituted for giving monthly pension to the members enrolled who have remitted contribution in the fund for  a minimum period of 10 years.Those journalists working in a news paper published from Kerala are eligible for  membership in the scheme. Family pension to the diseased pensioner is envisaged in this scheme .Application in the prescribed form should be submitted to the DPR through the DIOs.
On receipt of the membership in the scheme monthly contribution of Rs 100/ as to be remitted at the DIO's office as per the passbook issued upto the age of  60.
Housing subsidy
A subsidy of Rs 90000 / for the construction of residential houses is sanctioned from the Housing Board . A committee is constituted in the District level with Collector    as chairman .DIOs and members from press club are members. the Application in the prescribed form with relevant document has to be submitted to the committee which will recommend the subsidy.     

6.What are the pension schemes for the Journalists?
Working Journalists' ,Non-working Journalists, Eminent journalists and Journalists in distress.

For the Working ,Non-working journalists and Journalists in distress pension schemes each individuals should apply in the prescribed form to the DPR through the concerned DIO. A state level committee headed by the Minister for Information decides on the issue of membership and those who are given membership are bound to remit a fixed amount as monthly contribution. Once the member attains the age of sixty he gets a monthly pension of Rs 1400.For eminent journalists it is 1000. For journalists in distress it is Rs 700.The pension for journalists in distress and  eminent  journalists is not contributory. 
Family pension is also  given to the dependants of the deceased pensioners.

8.Who are recognized as eminent journalists?
This list is finalized by the committee itself. Eminent journalists of the state is eligible  for the state pension. Under this scheme an amount of Rs 1500/ per month is given to those journalists who are recognized as eminent journalists by the government.`

9.How to arrange  film& video shows?
District Information offices are equipped with the provision for conducting video shows at various places according to the demand. To arrange a show ,the agency who would like to spncer the programme has to contact the DIO's concerned to fix the programme.

10.What are the films available with PRD?
The films that received awards in best , second best ,Popular and aesthetic categories
in state film awards are preserved in the PRD archives for screening  .There are also videos produced by PRD in the Makers of Modern Kerala and 14 documentaries on Districts of kerala.

11.What is the procedure to purchase a film/video?
Apply to the Director in the prescribed form . DD of Rs 500/ as screening fees should be attached for films and Rs 250 for videos.A committe will screen the films and fix the rate.

What is the procedure to empanel in the media list?
Those publications published from the state and those having circulation in the state will be included in the state media list. Formal application has to be put in before DPR with two copies of the publication. After verifying the circulation ,the publication will be classified into ABC categories .According to the classification advt. tariff will be fixed and advt released.

12.What is the procedure to  get govt. advertisement ?
Those publications included in the media list of PRD are eligible for getting for Govt. advertisement. How ever it is the discretion of the Government limit and select the news paper  in which the advertisement has to be published.

13.What are the periodicals brought out by PRD?   
Janapadham in Malayalam and Kerala Calling in English are the magazines.
Interphase and Vikasana samanwayam are the two monthly news letters in  English and Malayalam .
14.How to subscribe the periodicals?
Janapadham and Kerala Calling are available at a price of Rs.5/ per copy. Annual subscription is fixed at Rs. 50  which is inclusive of postal charges.For five years subscription is available at the reduced rate of Rs 225.Annual subscription can be had by remitting the amount either at Dist information Offices or At I&PR directorate. Remittence in the form of Money order and DD in favour of  Director Public Relations payable at Trivandrum alone will be accepted.The news letters are available free of cost.

14. How to purchase photos from PRD photo archive?
PRD preserves about 40000 rare photographs of events and other development issues apart from cultural photos. Newspapers and periodicals can utilize the archives free of cost.For others a rate fixed for purchase of photos. A formal application should be submitted to the Director specifying the photos which you like to be procured.Rs12/ for Quarter size,Rs 30/ for cabinet size,Rs 40/ for full size and Rs 150/ for 12* 9.5 size are the rates for purchase.




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