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             Computerization activities started in the Department of Rural Development in the year 1989 under the centrally sponsored programme of “Computerized Rural Information System Project (CRISP)”. Accordingly, a PC-AT286, a Printer and a Servo Controlled Voltage Stabiliser were installed in each District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) and the Commissionerate of Rural Development (CRD) for attending the monitoring activities of rural development programmes. Computerisation activities of DRDAs could not obtain momentum due of weak organizational structure and inefficient implementation of CRISP in the department.

In January 1993 Rural Development Department formulated a programme for strengthening the monitoring activities of Poverty Alleviation Programmes with the use of computer facilities. Computer training was given to all the Junior Statistical Inspectors (JSIs) of DRDAs and three Compilers of P&M Section of CRD at IMG Computer Centre. The old PC-AT-286 of all DRDAs and at CRD were put to use in preparing monthly monitoring returns on rural development programmes. Spreadsheets were used to prepare plan progress reports and all other periodical monitoring returns due to Central and State Governments. A system for review and analysis of performance of DRDAs on implementation of various poverty alleviation programmes was designed and related reports were generated with the aid of computer. Planning and monitoring activities at DRDAs and State Headquarters could be improved remarkably with the operationalisation of the old PC-286 computer system available at DRDAs and CRD. This encouraging experience became the motive force for the department to think seriously about the use of Information Technology in a big way in rural development activities.


The twin objectives of Computerisation activities of Rural Development

Department are as follows:

a)      Use of IT tools as a effective decision support system

b)      Empowerment of rural mass with the right to information on rural development activities undertaken by the department.

Specific objectives laid down by the department for its computerization programme are the following:

1.      Development of a Database of rural development programmes being implemented by the department.

2.      Development of an effective information dissemination system at block level for collection and dissemination of information regarding development projects and works undertaken by Panchayat Raj Institutions.

3.      Development of a suitable management information system(MIS) for implementation and monitoring of poverty alleviation and rural development programmes.

4.      Automation of Block Development Offices for speed and precision in activities.

5.      Computerisation of accounts and administration of Block Development Offices.

6.      Providing information on employment opportunities to rural youth.

7.      Development of personnel databases for the staff of Rural Development Department.

8.      Development of a Pay Roll system for C.R.D Staff.

9.      Development of an Accounting package for the department in monitor receipt of funds from Government of India and release of fund for various programmes from Commissionerate of Rural Development.

10.  Development of Computerised information network connecting all functional offices of Rural Development Department through Internet.

1. CRD Computer Division

In January 1997 a Computer Division was established in the Commissionerate of Rural Development vide G.O.(Rt) 48/97/RDD dated 31.01.97 A Computer room was also arranged at CRD. A five node LAN set up on Windows 3.11 and Novell Net Ware was provided in CRD Computer Division under the Technical Assistance of NIC. The following hardware/Software items were obtained for initial set up.

1. Pentium S - 2 Nos

2. Dump Terminals - 4 Nos

3. Terminal with HDD - 1 No

4. Laser Printer - 1 No

5. 2 KVA UPS with 1hr backup battery - 1 No

6. MODEM - 1 No

7. Ms Office 97 (Professional) - 1 No

The DRDAs were also permitted vide order No.20597/PM3/95/CRD dated 17-02-1997 to replace the old PC-AT and procure a new Pentium computer, 132 Col. DMP and 2KVAUPS with 1 hour battery backup for upgrading DRDA Computer Units. 33.6 Kbps MODEM was supplied to all the DRDAs from CRD for establishing dial-up connectivity of computer systems of DRDAs and CRD Computer Division.

II. Block Information Centres.

Strengthening of 152 Block Information Centres (BICs) in the department with computer facility has been the next major step in the computerisation programme of the department. The major task of providing computer facility in Block Information Centres (BICs) was launched with a view to use “ Information Technology” for making available basic and necessary rural development information to the rural people and thereby help to transform rural life more enlightened, more participatory, more creative, more productive, and more enjoyable.

            Government have accorded sanction for strengthening the Block

            Information Centres vide G.O (Rt) 7/98/RDD dated 07-01-98.

The department had provided computer systems consisting of the following items for 152 Block Information Centres.

  • Pentium-II Computer on Windows-95 OS.
  • 14” SVGA Colour Monitor
  • 24 Pin 132 Col 300 CPS DMP
  • 33.6 Kbps external MODEM
  • 1KVA online UPS with 1 hour battery backup
  • MS Office-97 (Professional) Software

One computer server supplied under P.M.G.S.Y scheme has been shifted to the location centre of state NIC unit for keeping it as the web server of Rural Development Department. Online data entry of all Rural Development Department programmes will be carried out through this server in future. As a result of co-locating the web server in NIC, they will provide their V-SAT facility for Internet connection to the department without charging any cost. Government sanction is awaited for the Rural Soft software developed by NIC for online data entry of SGRY scheme in the web site.

Information Kerala mission has been entrusted with the task of for developing a web site for Local Self Government Department. Accordingly 1KM has developed a website for LSGD In order to enter online data in the web site of Local Self Government Department Programmes, they have developed software viz “Sulekha”, intended for online financial monitoring of LSGD programmes” and the training programme for data entry operators are in progress at state level. In connection with this 1KM has decided to enhance the configuration of one of the computers installed in the Block offices.

In addition to this, NIC has informed that they have developed two software viz ‘Rural bazaar’ and ‘DRDA portals’, mainly intended for the use of Rural development Department. Discussion is being held for the acceptance of these softwares by the department.

Almost all the offices of ADC (General), District Co-ordinator (TSC) have been provided with one PC one printer, Modem each with E-Mail and Internet facility. This the Rural Development Department have been computerized all the offices. An additional computer cell has been established in the Commissionerate for word processing, report generation, creation of administrative data base etc. Internet and E-Mail facilities are available at state, district and Block level offices of the department.

The department has its own infrastructure for providing computer training to the staff, numbering about 60 persons at a time.

We hope to develop the infrastructure with more number of computers, upgrade existing configaration, creat and adopt more powerful department specific Softwares for ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the Rural Development Department.

For Commissioner for Rural Development 

  • THOOLIKA Malayalam DTP Software
  • Separate Telephone for RD-NET

During the implementation period of the RD-Net programme, one computer, one modem, and one telephone connection was provided to each Block information centre in the Blocks. The computers installed in the Blocks are utilized for the generation of monthly quarterly and annual reports of all RDD programmes, database of block, word processing etc. Internet and E-Mail facilities have been proved to all Blocks.

As part of installation of LAN facilities in DRDAs following computers and pheripherals were delivered to CRD and DRDAs. All items were supplied through M/s Keltron.

Articles delivered at CRD

  • IBM Netfinity Server-1
  • IBM PC 300 GL nodes-4
  • Wipro LQ 1050+dmp-2
  • Laptop Computer IBM Think pad

Articles delivered to each DRDA’s

  • IBM Netfinity Server-1
  • IBM PC 300 GL nodes-4
  • Wipro LQ 1050+dmp-1
  • HP Dek 610c Inkjet printer with colour cartridge-1

In order to impart computer training to the officers in the department and outsiders, Computer training wings were set up at State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD) and the 3 Extension Training Centres (ETCs) of Kottarakara, Mannuthi and Thalippammba. Computer training is being imparted to the officers, elected representatives from three tier panchayats, etc.

Government of India has supplied two computer and one 2KVA UPS to all DRDAs and two Servers, two computers 3KVA UPS to the Commissionerate of Rural Development Department under the P.M.G.S.Y Scheme in connection with the online monitoring of P.M.G.S.Y scheme. In addition to this, three 5KVA UPS has also been purchased under DRDA Administration Fund.

A web site for the Rural Development Department has been developed by C-Dit for hosting the data on various schemes being implemented by the department to furnish important matters in respect of the department in Internet and also make available the data on RDD schemes to rural people with the right to information on rural development activities. Web site of the department is being updated regularly.

NIC, a computer solution provider to one state government departments, has agreed to develop a software viz “ruransoft” without any cost for enabling online monitoring of all Rural Development Department programmes through the websites. As a part of this task, they have already developed a module for the online data entry of S.G.R.Y scheme and the same will be hosted in the web server of the department shortly.



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