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Scheduled Caste Development Programmes
The development Programmes are channelized in three ways namely:

a) Educational Programmes
b) Economic Development Programmes
c) Social Upliftment Programmes Welfare Schemes

I. Educational Programmes

(1) Pre-primary education:- Financial assistance is given through Local Self Governments. A nursery school kid gets Rs. 5 per day for meals, RS 200 for uniform and RS 50 as lumpsum grant. RS 2200/- is given to sent a kid to a private nursery school where government schools are not reachable.

(2) Pre-Matric Education:- For meeting school expenses lumpsum grant is issued in the following scale:
From standard 1 to 3 RS 70/-
Standard 4 RS 75/-
Standard 5 RS 110/-
Standard 6 &7 RS 125/-
Standard 8,9 & 10 RS 175/-
(Failed students can avail 50% of the above amounts. Monthly stipend is available to more disadvantaged candidates)

(3) Accommodation in private boarding schools:- The pupils who stand out in their standard IV exams are eligible for getting all the costs for this facility. This scheme is implemented through district Panchayats, Municipalities and Corporations.

(4) Fee concession, lumpsum grant, monthly stipend for higher education : This assistance is available for post-SSLC studies. Lumpsum grant ranging from Rs. 245 to RS 1100 is given to the students in accordance to the nature of the course. The monthly stipend is Rs.215/- or RS 250- The hostlers will get money for food and stay along with pocket money

(5) Reservation :- Government recognised Art & Science Colleges offers 20% reserved seats for SC students. The technical and professional institutions earmark 10% of the seats. Annually about 50,000 students avail this reservation facility.

(6) Pre-Matric Hostels:- 97 hostels (57 for male and 46 for female) including 2 sports hostels come under the are department now controlled by Block Panchayats/ Municipalities/ Corporations. 10% of the accommodation is open for students belonging to other communities.

(7) Subsidised hostels : Those students who sought accommodation in the approved hostels run by voluntary organisations are eligible to get a boarding grant of RS 250 per mensum apart from uniform clothes.

(8) Post-Matric Hostels : 18 Hostels (5 for female and 13 for male) are run by department. An occu-
pant will get monthly hostel expense of RS 600/- along with a pocket-money of RS 50-65/-
The norm for accommodation is - 68% for SC, 17% for ST, 5% for Converted Christians, 10% for Other Forward Castes.

(9) Encouragement for performance in studies: The students who register good performance in their examinations are eligible to get a cash award specified as below:
SSLC RS 750/-
Plus Two, TTC, Polytechnic RS 1000/-
Degree RS 1500/-
PG/ Professional Course RS 2000/-

(10) Promotion & Training to Sportsmen: The SC students who show unrelenting enthusiasm in sports are roped into Thiruvananthapuram schools. They are given accommodation in sports hostels and are trained with the assistance of Sports Council of Kerala.

(11) Pre-Examination Training Centres: The centres in Ernakulam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode impart short-term training to job aspirants for appearing various competitive examinations. The job aspirants will get a stipend of RS 400/- per month. Entrance coaching classes are also offered by these centres.

(12) Special Coaching for Civil Service Examinations: Institute for Civil Service Examination Training Society, an autonomous institute, imparts special coaching for civil service examinations. The trainees get RS 500/- as monthly stipend whereas hostellers get RS 250/- as monthly pocket money Those who get through preliminary exam will get a free stay and coaching in a Delhi Institute.

(13) Book Bank: Financial Assistance is given to purchase costly reference volumes to those institutes which conducts professional courses.

(14) Money help for failed students: To those who failed in their SSLC, Plus Two, Degree Courses financial help is given to try their chances in tutorials.

(15) Temple-entry Proclamation Memorial Scholarship: Scholarship is given to those SC/ST students who stand out in their SSLC, Plus Two, Degree, Engineering, Medicine examinations.

(16) Chief Minister's Scholarship : 4 SSLC toppers from SC students are given scholarship of RS 1000/- each by the Chief Minister of Kerala.

(17) Awards to Rank-Winners : The SC students who emerges first in the Medical/Engg. entrance list get a cash award of RS 2501/- each.

(18) Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Medal & Cash Award : Those who comes first in SC and ST category in the LLB examinations get this medal along with a cash award of RS 5001/-
(19) Model Residential Schools : Brilliant SC/ST students are admitted in these schools (in Palakkad and Aluva) based on an entrance test.

(20) Assistance for Parallel College Students : The SC/ST students in parallel college get all the financial assistance enjoyed by them in regular colleges.

(21) Self-financing/ Autonomous institutions : The SC/ST students in these institutions get all high-rated fee concessions and other assistance as well.

(22) Study abroad : The SC/ST students who opt to study abroad get RS 1.5 lakh as interest free loan.

(23) ITCs & Production Training Centres : SC/ST students are given training in 41 ITCs and in 3 production training centres.

(24) Kerala Kalamandalam : The SC/ST students in this deemed university get all educational assistance as given in other educational institutions

(25) Tourism & Travel Studies : The SC/ST candidates aspiring to the course conducted by Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies are eligible to get all financial assistance.

(26) Help to OBC : Students belonging to Other Backward Communities are given fee concessions if they fall within the prescribed income limit of RS 20000 for Plus Two and RS 25,000 for Degree Course.

(27) Assistance to the Socially and Educationally Backward : As per Kumara Pillai Commission Report all students with a family income limit of 36,000/- are eligible to get fee concessions in PG or professional studies.

(28) Hostel Complex : A hostel complex housing 150 female students is open in Thiruvananthapuram

(29) Tutorial help : A scheme is being implemented to extend tutorial help to SC/ST students in selected centres aiming improved academic performance.

(30) Vocational Training in Private Institutes : The SC/ST youths who undergo training in private institutes are given all kinds of assistance.

(31) Courses in other States : SC/ST students who obtain admission in much -sought after courses in other states are given educational assistance.

(32) Assistance for D. Pharm, MF.Sc and the Courses conducted by Hyderabad National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management : All educational assistance is given to SC/ST students opting for above courses.

II. Economic Development Programmes

(1) Assistance for Small-Scale Industry : 20% of the total project cost with a ceiling of Rs. 50,000/- is sanctioned to new SSIs.

(2) Help for Entrepreneurs : For starting new SSIs or improving existing ones, the SC men are given an interest free loan of 20% of the project outlay with a ceiling of RS 25,000/-

(3) Help to Lawyers : The new lawyers are given all financial assistance to apprenticeship and enrolment. The help includes monthly stipend, cost of books, dress and rental.

(4) Exhibition- cum- Sale Melas : For popularising products from SC/ST units exhibition-cum-sale melas are organised.

(5) Training for Better Job : The SC candidates who get the All India Apprenticeship Trade Test are eligible to get RS 770/- per month for undergoing additional apprenticeship for a year. Similarly the candidates who get the ITC/ITI will get RS 500/- monthly for undergoing a one year apprenticeship.

(6) Rehabilitation of the Unemployed : Colonization Scheme is implemented in Thonnakkal in Thiruvananthapuram, Jawahar Colony in Malappuram, Karikkattoor Colony in Kottayam, Kadakkamon Colony in Kollam, Maniannadam Colony in Ernakulam. In the scheme the rehabilitated families got 1 acre to 2.5 acre of land for cultivation and for living as well as various steps for the economic betterment.

III. Social Upliftment Programmes and Welfare Steps

(1) Social Security : For ensuring the constitutional rights of the SC/ST people various rules were enacted. The Civil Rights Protection Act, 1955 is the most important among this. This enactment envisages all kinds of protection to the disadvantaged communities. In 1989 the parliament passed another law aiming to prevent atrocities on SC/ST people.

(2) Seminars & Discussions: Discussions, Seminars, Awareness Camps and Medical Camps are being conducted participating SC/ST students, social workers and other members of the public.

(3) Financial Assistance to Inter-Caste-Marriage : In order to balm the ostracism suffered by new couple in inter-caste marriage a sum of RS 10,000/- is given to them with in 3 years of wedding.

(4) Travel Allowance : TA is given to SC candidates who appears for interview/ written tests conducted by PSC or Employment Exchanges.

(5) Rehabilitation of Landless Homeless : To the landless and homeless RS 50.000/- is given as grant to purchase 2 or 3 cents of land and to put up a home as designated by the Department.

(6) Grant for House Construction : A grant of RS 35, 000/- is given to those who all below BPL and Possess 4 or 3 cents of land to construct home and the scheme is implemented through Local Self Governments.

(7) Interest-free Housing Loan : The person with an annual income of RS 25,000/- and possesses 4 cents of land can avail an interest free loan upto RS 50,000/-. Other slabs of loan are : RS 15,000 loan for an annual income limit of 7,500/- and RS 25,000 loan for an annual income limit of Rs.15,000-

(8) Help to renew coconut leaf ceilings : Upto RS 500/- is given through Local Self Governments to renew coconut leaf ceiling of the houses of poor SC people.

(9) Help to roof with tiles : For SC people who comes below BPL are eligible to get a financial assistance of RS 2,500/- for tile roofing the houses owned by them. This scheme is implemented through Local Self Governments.

(10) Aid for wedding : The SC ladies will get a financial help of RS 5000/- for their wedding, if their annual family income is below RS 12,000/-. For a family wedding aid is available only for two daughters.

(11) Aid for treatment : For people belonging to SC who fall below a family income of RS 12000/- financial assistance is given to treat their prolonged illness. Application should be submitted on the strength of medical certificates. The scheme is implemented through Local Self Governments.

(12) Housing Scheme for uplifting poorer among the poor : The poorer among the people belonging to SC like Nayadi, Vedan, Mavilan, Karimbalan and Vettuvan, if they are landless and homeless, will get RS 60,000/- for purchasing 5 cents of land and putting up a home on. This scheme also is implemented through Local Self Governments.

(13) Rehabilitation of Puramboke dwellers : The Puramboke dwellers belonging to SC are being rehabilitated by giving RS 50,000/- each.

(14) Minister's Relief Fund : When the breadwinner of a SC family dies, or a member of the family requires prolonged treatment for acute illness or the family falls prey to fire accidents or natural calamities, the family can seek urgent financial help from this relief fund. The assistance ranges from RS 1000/- to RS 25,000/-

(15) Assistance for house maintenance : For maintenance work of houses existing for 5 years RS 10,000/- will be given on submission of application accompanied by maintenance estimate prepared by civil engineers.

(16) Comprehensive Housing Scheme : The homeless but landowned people belonging to SC are being given RS 35,000/- for putting up a home. During 99-2000 this scheme was implemented through out the state.

(17) Folklore Mela : Folklore melas are conducted annually with a view of preserving the ancient art forms with its original beauty and colourfulness. The SC/ST art forums participate in these melas with great enthusiasm.

(18) Literary Workshop : For upbringing literary talents in SC/ST category ,literary workshop is organised annually. Eminent poets, scholars and writers participate in this, stimulating literary values in youngsters.

(19) Assistance for publishing books : The chosen books from writers belonging to SC/ST category are being published with a financial assistance to the maximum of RS 20,000/- and distributed through Sahitya Pravarthaka Sahakarana Sanghom.

(20) Bharata Darshan/ South Indian Tour : For educating students these tour programmes are being conducted. Bharat Darshan is for boys and South Indian Tour is for girls. Students who make it in their examinations are eligible for the selection to this programme.

(21) Temple- Entry Proclamation Day Celebrations : On 27th day of Thulam in Malayalam Calendar the celebration is being organised. The chosen social workers, excellent students, selected teachers and hostel wardens are given cash awards on the day. Arts competitions for SC students are also conducted and prizes given on the day.

(22) People Planning : Several Welfare measures are being implemented as Special Component Plans in people's planning. for implementing Special Component Plans the Local Self Governments will constitute a working committee mostly consisting of SC members.


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