Procedure for collection and accounting of contributions to the chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund: Circular No. 67240/CDN 1/07 GAD Dated 9.8.2007
LSG Dept. SSA-Release of fund reg. - circular dated 08.08.2007, No.45254/DB/2/07/LSG
Finance Dept. Notification No. 46181/SS1/2007/Fin. Dt.10.08.2007 : Regarding sale of Kerala State Government Stock (securities) of 10 year tenure for an aggregate amount of Rs. 350.00 crore (Nominal)
Notification : P&ARD: No. 118 Dt: 25 June 2007: Kerala State and Subordinate Service (Amendment)Rules 2007
Circular No. 1794/C3/2007/Vig. dated 08-06-2007:Kerala Lok Ayukta-Cases/Complaints filed before the Kerala Lok Ayukta-Defending the cases on behalf of govt-Appointment of Special Attorney and Senior Govt. Pleaders-Reg
Circular No. 12287/c3/2006/Vig. Dt 06-06-2007: Vigilance Department-all India Service Officers and other Government Employees who are members of a Committee/Board/Cooperation/PSUs-Filling of Property Statements before the Kerala Lok Ayukta-Clarification issued
Santwanam Lottery : Circular No. 32873/CDN1/2007/GAD Dt: 18.04.2007
Appointment of Chief Technical Examiner in the Finance Inspection wing-Willingness- called for.
Kerala Judicial Service Examination - 2007: Applications invited
Sale of Kerala State Government Stock (securities) of 10 year tenure for an aggregate amount of Rs 300.00 crore. reg.Notification No. 11666/SS1/2007/Fin. Dated Thiruvananthapuram, 15th February, 2007
Law Dept-Establishment-Legal Asst Grade II on 8390-13270/- in Law Department, Govt. Secretariate, Thiruvananthapuram-Appointment by transfer-application invited-reg.
Advertisement for various faculty positions at the all India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
For more details click : http://www.aiims.edu/aiims/events/recruitment/faculty_advt06-07.htm
Applications are invited from Individuals/Firms/Institutions for appointment as Casual Agents for selling Kerala State Sports Super Bumper Lottery tickets in the States of Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal. Application may be submitted in the form annexed.
Notification for the post of Scientific Officer, Planetarium Operator and Ticket Counter assistant in Kerala State Science and Technology Museum & Priyadarsini Planetarium
Higher Education Department of Kerala, Selection to the post of Professor-Open Selection-Application invited: Details
Notification for the post of Director to State Resource Centre, Kerala
GO(MS) No. 4/2006/LSGD. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 5th January 2006
Kerala Municipality Building (Amendment)Rules, 2006
Vigilance Department-Notification inviting application for the post of Additional Legal Adviser-reg
Taxes (B) Department - Circular - No.8765/B1/2006/TD: dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 29th May, 2006
Rank List of Asst. Public Prosecutors Grade II: Notification GO(MS)No.87/2006/Home, Dated 22.06.2006
The Kerala Professional Colleges(Prohibition of Capitation Fee, Regulation of Admission, Fixation of Non Exploitative Fee and other Measures to ensure Equity and Excellence in Professional Education)Bill, 2006
General Administration (Co-ordination) Department
Notification No. 11259/Cdn.5/2006/GAD. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 9th May, 2006.
Right to Information (Regulation of Fee and Cost) Rules, 2006.
Notification for the sale of Kerala State Government Stock (securities) of 10-year tenure for an aggregate amount of Rs.300 crore (Nominal): No.16051/SS1/2006/Fin dated 24.04.06, Thiruvananthapuram
Minimumum rates of wages to plantations:Notification GO. Rt.No.377/2006/LBR Dt.18.02.2006
State Government proposes to raise an amount of Rs.328 crore under Additional Open Market borrowing programme for the year 2005-06 by way of 'Auction'on 27.
Implementation of the provision of “Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products
NOTIFICATION - No.D6/90902/2004/DPL Dated, Thiruvananthapuram 16 th November, 2005
Planning and Economic Affairs (BPE) Dept. No.13631/BPE2/05/Plg. Thiruvananthapuram dated 08/12/2005 - Circular - Public Sector Undertakings - Introduction of the Kerala Ceiling on Government Guarantees Act, 2003 - Inclusion of Guarantee Commission in the Statutory Dues section of the Review of Public Enterprises in Kerala - Instructions issued.
Law (Legislation-Publication) Department
NOTIFICATION : No. 16672/Leg. Pbn.2/05/Law. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 25 th August 2005
Law (Leg. Publication) Department
NOTIFICATION : No. 16756/Leg. Pbn.2/05/Law. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 29 th August 2005
NO.A - 324 / 1996 DATED 2005 MAY 2
NO.A 4228 / 2004 DATED MAY 12 2005
NOTIFICATION - No. B-972/2003 1st June 2005
Land Aquisition Act - No. L.R.C 1-28569/2005 dated 18th June 2005
NOTIFICATION - No. B-972/2003 1st June 2005
Notification inviting applications for - by transfer Appointment from Departmental Teachers of General Education Department
Land Aquisition Act - DECLARATION NO. LRC1 – 17867/2005. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 12 th April, 2005
Land Aquisition Act - DECLARATION NO. LRC7 – 19420/2005. 9th May, 2005
No.A - 1898/2004 dated 25th April 2005
No.E.L/3/19200/2005 dated 8th June 2005
Land Aquisition Act - No.L.R.C. 1/18525/2005 dated 1st June 2005
Land Aquisition Act - No.L.R.C. 4/25925/2005 dated 3rd June 2005
Land Aquisition Act - No.A. 4485/2003 dated 15th March 2005
Labour and Rehabilitation Department - Revision of minimum rates of wages in Tea, Rubber, Coffee and Cardomom Plantations in Kerala- Preliminary notification publishing of - regarding
Land Aquisition Act - Amendments - No.C.1979/2004 , dated May 16, 2005
Land Aquisition Act - Amendments - No.LRC.7-21728/2005, dated May 9, 2005
Land Aquisition Act - Amendments - No.LRC.8-18829/2005, dated April 20, 2005
No.A.816/2005, 31st May 2005
No.GS3 – 1698/2005. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 28th May, 2005
No. A. 3250/2004/(BRDC). 10 th May, 2005
No.C-281/95. 30 th April, 2005
No. GS3-1639/2005 Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 26 th may, 2005
Power Department-Filling up of the post of Chairman & a Member of the Kerala State electricity Regulatory Commission-Applications invited
General Education Department-SIET-Kerala-selection of Director,SIET-Kerala-publication of Notification-reg.
Notification - No. 4489/Leg. A2/2005/Law Dated, Thiruvananthapuram
26th March 2005
 G.O (Ms.) No. 12/2005/Hsg. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram 21 st March 2005

1961 Ref. No. H3-7581/2003 23 rd March 2005

Applications to this notification are invited from qualified candidates for appointment to the categories of Shorthand Writer Gr.II/Confidential Assistant Grade-II in the High Court of Kerala.
GO(P) N0.11/2005/TD dated Thiruvananthapuram 27th January 2005
The Government of Kerala have decided to prohibit the sale of tickets of all lotteries

No. 119579/SS1/2004. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 7th January, 2005.
Government of Kerala hereby notifies issue of 7.02 per cent Kerala State Development Loan, 2015 of 10 year tenure.

Amendment o f the Kerala State Lotteries and on-line lotteries (Regulation) Rules, 2003, reg. Prohibition of sale of computerised and online lottery tickets in the State of Kerala.

Finance Dept. Notification No.119579/SS1/2004, Thiruvananthapuram dated 07.01.2005: govt. of Kerala hereby notifies issue of 7.02 per cent Kerala State development Loan, 2015 of 10 year tenure: reg

Common First Year Higher Secondary Examination February/ March 2005
Notification No. EX.II (5) 38547/2004/HSE, Dated 4.1.2005

Revision of existing rates of hire charges of Autorickshaws and Taxis
G.O. (P) No.41/2004/Tran. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 14 th October 2004

KERALA STATE ELECTRICITY REGULATORY COMMISSION - No./ /KERC-2004/ Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, .2004

Amendments to Kerala Tax on entry of Goods into Local Areas Act 1994 (15 of 1994) Notification No.1862 dt. 31st August, 2004

Notification74875/Pol-2/2004/GAD. Dated Thiruvananthapuram. 05-09-2004 Allotment of Business to Ministers

Notification No.9222/H1/04/PWD, Dated 9th august, 2004:Toll for bridges reg.

Notification No.GS3-3189/2003 Dated 13 august 2004:Dr. K. Ramachandran Nair as Vice Chancellor of the University of Kerala

Notification No. 2180/H4/2004/Law Dated 18.03.2004:List of Notaries appointed by the Govt. and who are in practice as on 1.1.2004

Dept. of Planning GO (MS)No. 48/2004 Anual project preparation Guidelines

Passenger Road Transport Services-Draft Scheme Notification No.1412 dt. 6.7.04

Kerala tailors welfare Fund act-Reg. Notification No.1453 Dt.9.7.2004

Kerala Stay eviction Proceedings Bill 2004

Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit (Amendment) Bill, 2004

6.35 per cent Kerala State Development Loan Govt. Notification No. 1523 Dt. 23.7.2004

Social Welfare(B)Dept. Notoification GO(P)No.47/2004/SWD
Kerala Dowry Prohibition Rules 2004

National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement

State Photography Award

KWA-JBIC Assisted Kerala Water supply Project-Notification for Pre-Qualification of bidders for work packages under LCB & ICB publicity -reg.

Notification - Revenue (L) dept. No.2376, dated 2003 December 22
GO(P)No.347/2003 : Kerala Revenue card Rules-Publication in the gazette


Police Performance &Accountability Commission (JKTTC-11/04 , Dt. 14.01.2004)

Rainwater harvesting- Extra ordinary gazette notification No. 92/2004,
dated 12-01-2004. : GO (Ms) No. 19/2004/LSGD.

Circular pertaining to Local Self Government Institutions

Official notification regarding public holidays


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